What Does the Bible Say About Going Against Israel

What Does the Bible Say About Going Against Israel

In the Bible, the nation of Israel holds a significant place. It is a land that has witnessed numerous historical events and is considered sacred by many.

The Bible provides insights into Israel’s relationship with other nations and the consequences of going against it. This article explores what does the Bible say about going against Israel, highlighting key teachings and lessons.

What Does the Bible Say About Going Against Israel?

It is not specifically said in the Bible, “Do not go against Israel.” Rather, it offers an extensive collection of parables, stories, and scriptures that together emphasize how crucial it is to honor Israel and work toward peace.

Understanding Israel in the Bible

The Promised Land

The Bible describes Israel as the Promised Land, a land flowing with milk and honey. It was the land that God promised to Abraham and his descendants. This promise is reiterated throughout the Bible, emphasizing the significance of Israel in God’s plan.

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God’s Covenant with Israel

God made a covenant with Israel, establishing a special relationship. The covenant included blessings for obedience and consequences for disobedience. This covenant highlights the importance of Israel in God’s divine plan and the consequences of going against it.


Israel’s Relationship with Other Nations

Israel’s Enemies

Throughout history, Israel has faced opposition from various nations. The Bible recounts instances where nations rose against Israel, seeking to conquer or harm them. These conflicts highlight the challenges Israel has faced and the importance of defending the nation.

Israel’s Allies

Despite facing enemies, Israel has also had allies throughout history. The Bible mentions instances where nations supported and stood with Israel in times of need. These alliances demonstrate the significance of solidarity and support for Israel.

Instances of Going Against Israel in the Bible

Historical Accounts

The Bible records several instances where nations or individuals went against Israel. These accounts provide insights into the consequences of opposing Israel and the lessons learned from such actions.


Consequences of Going Against Israel

Going against Israel in the Bible often resulted in severe consequences. These consequences ranged from military defeats to divine judgments. The Bible emphasizes the importance of respecting and honoring Israel.

Lessons and Teachings

God’s Protection of Israel

The Bible consistently portrays God’s protection of Israel. Despite facing numerous challenges, Israel has experienced divine intervention and deliverance. This highlights God’s faithfulness to His covenant and the importance of trusting in His protection.

Verses Highlighting the Consequences

The Bible warns of the consequences that may befall those who oppose Israel. These consequences range from divine punishment to facing God’s wrath. An example can be found in Genesis 12:3, where God promises to bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel.

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The Importance of Peace

The Bible also emphasizes the importance of seeking peace with Israel. In Psalm 122:6, we are encouraged to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, which is synonymous with Israel. This demonstrates that pursuing harmony with Israel is a biblical principle.

The Importance of Supporting Israel

The Bible teaches the significance of supporting Israel. It emphasizes the blessings that come from standing with Israel and the responsibility to pray for its peace and prosperity. Supporting Israel aligns with God’s plan and demonstrates obedience to His Word.


The Bible provides valuable insights into the significance of Israel and the consequences of going against it. It emphasizes the importance of respecting and supporting Israel, highlighting God’s covenant and protection. As believers, we are called to understand and uphold these teachings, recognizing the role Israel plays in God’s divine plan.



1. Does going against Israel always result in divine judgment?

No, not every action against Israel leads to divine judgment. However, the Bible highlights the potential consequences and the importance of respecting Israel.

2. How can I support Israel as a believer?

You can support Israel by praying for its peace and prosperity, staying informed about current events, and actively engaging in initiatives that promote understanding and support for Israel.

Yes, the Bible contains numerous prophecies concerning Israel’s future. These prophecies highlight God’s plans for the nation and its role in the fulfillment of His purposes.

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